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Capital city of Nagaland

Originally known as Kewhira, Kohima was founded in 1878 when the British Empire established its headquarters of the then Naga Hills. It officially became the capital after the state of Nagaland was inaugurated in 1963.


Kohima was the site of one of the most decisive battles of World War II. The battle is often referred to as the ‘Stalingrad of the East’. 

Kohima has a very pleasant climate which is surrounded by scenic mountains ideal ideal for tourists with all the major trekking destinations including Dzukou valley, Khonoma, Puliebadze, Dezuleke etc which are all easily accessible from Kohima.


About Kohima

​Kohima is the capital of Nagaland which lies in the extreme eastern part of India. Kohima is a historic city where one of the greatest battle during world war II took place in the heart of the city where in 2013, the British National Army Museum voted the Battle of Kohima to be ‘Britain's Greatest Battle’

Vision of Kohima Smart City

“To leverage Kohima’s geo-strategic location to foster sustainable and resilient community-led development as a regional hub for tourism & transit complemented by its significant natural and cultural assets”




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